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I highly recommend HostGator for nearly all small to medium-sized web sites (less than 5,000 pages). They are absolutely the best hosting company for the money. For less than 8 dollars a month you can host an unlimited amount of web sites, and the control panel gives you access to all types of add-ons, unlimited space, databases and excellent support.


A well-written article can earn you an unending supply of publicity. If you have special information that most people are unaware of, and an idea for an article, I can help you to write and develop a publishable piece.

It's not impossible. Really. First, we need a target audience, then some information that's important and compelling to readers of particular publications, blogs and web sites. Typically, we'll come up with a list of questions that readers would like to have answered. If you're in business, you've probably heard plenty of questions about a particular topic from your clients or customers.

We'll answer the questions in a compelling, informative manner, and put them into paragraphs. Then, we'll write a lead-in paragraph, a summary, and a boilerplate with information about you and your company.

Articles have phenomenal longevity, particularly with the advent of the internet. A site could have your article on it for years and years. If it's suitable for a magazine, you can get leads long after the article was published. The main thing to remember is to write it for readers. Don't write it with advertising in mind, because it'll never get printed. Most publications will view it as "Advertorial"- trying to get free advertising. Your real object is to establish yourself as the authority, and the person who has answers. That's how you gain leads and sales for years to come.


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