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Antique and Classic Cars

New Hampshire Classic & Antique Cars
Classic cars, antiques, hot rods, vettes and unique cars for sale in Tamworth, New Hampshire.

Maine and New Hampshire mountain homes

New Hampshire & Maine Mountain Homes
Brand new site about mountain homes in NH and Maine. This site is done in WordPress with a custom theme, allowing the owner to make text and photo changes, post blogs, and make changes on the site without relying on a webmaster to do everything.

Vacation Home Mall

Vacation Home Mall
Vacation Home Mall gets free traffic from more than 1,600 keywords and phrases each month.

collectible ancient fiction.

Ancient Fiction Novel
Ancientfiction.com is a new site for my novel, Shadow of the Serpent/A Coyote Moon Story. 12 years after it first came out, the Publisher is closing. Now, I have all the remaining books, and will sell them myself under my pen name, James Joseph. We'll see how the site does in the search engines.

White Mountain real estate

New Hampshire & Maine Real Estate
Wright Realty is a new site I'm working on full time as part of my job. They specialize in real estate in the North Conway area of New Hampshire's White Mountains and nearby Western Maine.

Vacation Homes in NH and Maine

New Hampshire & Maine White Mountain Vacation Homes
Here's a real estate site focused on vacation homes, vacation condos, and vacation building lots in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and western Maine.

Inns, motels and bed and breakfasts for sale in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Inns, Motels and Bed & Breakfasts For Sale
This site focuses on the sale of lodging properties including motels, inns, taverns, BnB's and hotels throughout New Hampshire.


Massachussetts Plumbing and Heating Company

Massachusetts Plumbing and Heating Company
New web site for plumbing company in central Mass specializing in radiant heat, high efficiency boilers including propane and oil.










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Marketing During Tough Economic Times
One of the first things most businesses do during a tough economy is to start looking for any place to cut costs. What they really should be doing is looking more closely at what works and what doesn't.

Try new things, especially if they're inexpensive. The internet is loaded with them. You'll find them in social networking sites if you're looking for new avenues. Add your site to some new directories.Cutting back on marketing that's still working will result in a loss of income!

By all means, cut back on anything that is underproducing, and cut out anything that's not working at all. Always be on the lookout for cost-saving ideas for your clients or customers. During tough times, they're looking for the best deal, or benefit. If you can provide it, you'll get their business. Look for the least expensive ways to add value, and market them relentlessly.

Maximum Value Web Sites & Marketing

Stretch your marketing dollars. It's imperative to get the maximum return on your marketing investments in today's economy. That's why you need all of your marketing efforts working together.

Get the most for your money! I don't host web sites because it's much cheaper for the site owner to do it themselves. I highly recommend HostGator for nearly all small to medium-sized web sites (less than 5,000 pages). They are absolutely the best hosting company for the money. For less than 8 dollars a month you can host an unlimited amount of web sites, and the control panel gives you access to all types of add-ons (blogs, shopping carts, forums, content management systems, polls... ), unlimited space, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, and excellent support. What's more, I have a service monitoring my own sites, and the uptime is impeccable. I highly recommend HostGator as the host of choice.

Your web site should integrate with each of your marketing avenues. Direct mail, promotions, brochures, ads, circulars, catalogs. and even your letterhead and envelopes can support your other marketing avenues. You can advertise a brochure, catalog or rebate directly on your mailing envelope. You can direct recipients to a special offer on your web site. That's the key to making the most of your marketing dollars and effort. Integration.

Integrated Design Concepts focuses on the development of web sites, including blogs, dynamic database driven information, and content management systems that allow you to keep your web site fresh. From there, all of your marketing avenues and projects can be connected for maximum efficiency. Sites are optimized to have high natural rankings in the search engines, saving enormous sums of money.

For maximum efficiency, I prefer to work with local companies, particularly if it's in-house on a regular basis. But, also because it's good to be able to meet with clients within a short drive.

Cookie-Cutter vs Custom Web Site

There are many large web companies offering specialty web sites for retail stores, real estate, restaurants, travel, insurance, non-profit organizations and more. Many of them are very sophisticated and offer much more than your local web company. The high quality web vendors have custom design, search engine friendly pages, content management systems, and plenty of bells and whistles. However, they […]


Web Sites That Don’t Work Efficiently

Everyone wants a professional looking site with all the latest bells and whistles. But, are they driving potential visitors and search engines away? Flash files and javascript are the most common culprits.


5 Ways to Get Natural Search Engine Traffic

While many small businesses own web sites, very few of them are set up to bring in traffic from the search engines. There are several things that need to be done to optimize a site and draw in free traffic.


New Hampshire Web Design & Marketing
Albany, NH, Bartlett, NH, Berlin, NH, Chatham, NH, Conway, NH, Eaton, NH, Effingham, NH, Freedom, NH, Gorham, NH, Jackson, NH, Madison, NH, North Conway, NH, Ossipee, NH, Sandwich, NH, Shelburne, NH, Tamworth, NH,

Maine Web Design & Marketing
Albany, ME, Bethel, ME, Bridgton, ME, Brownfield, ME, Casco, ME, Denmark, ME, Fryeburg, ME, Gilead, ME, Gorham, ME, Greenwood, ME, Harrison, ME, Hiram, ME, Lovell, ME, Naples, ME, Norway, ME, Oxford, ME, Paris, ME, Parsonfield, ME, Raymond, ME, Stoneham, ME, Stow, ME, Sweden, ME, Waterford, ME, Windham, ME, Woodstock ME,


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