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I highly recommend HostGator for nearly all small to medium-sized web sites (less than 5,000 pages). They are absolutely the best hosting company for the money. For less than 8 dollars a month you can host an unlimited amount of web sites, and the control panel gives you access to all types of add-ons, unlimited space, databases and excellent support.

Internet & Web Consulting

Get the best services available for your internet marketing and design needs. You probably get at least a dozen propositions a week, either in your email, by phone, snail mail and more.

Don't get roped into bad services on the internet, whether they relate to web design or marketing your web site. Let's eliminate a few right off:

We'll submit your web site to 10,000 search engines and directories. This is always a "thanks, but no thanks" decision. There are really only 3 search engines at this time that are going to deliver any discernible traffic: Google, Yahoo! and MSN. The other 9,997 search engines will put you in their useless directory or search engine, then send a bunch of offers to your email account, and eventually sell your email address to other spammers. And, you have to pay for this?

You can buy your favorite keyword and come up above all the results in a large ad for just $365/year. These people usually call and badger your marketing department. They have them download a special plug-in for their browser, then they demonstrate an example of what you get when you type in "the example keyword phrase" into any search engine. A large, full color banner/ad comes up, taking up 25% of the top of the page. Something that would obviously get traffic. What they don't tell you is that less than 5% of browsers have this plug-in installed. Worse, the majority of those that do, got it the same way you did... through a telemarketing call. So, your ad is actually only seen mostly by other advertisers. And, even worse, it really takes 1,000 or more keyword phrases on the first three pages of a search engine to develop moderate traffic. Forget it.

Your domain name at xyzRegistry.com is about to expire. Unscrupulous domain registries are constantly trying to get you to renew your domain names with them (as opposed to your original registrar), but you're usually transferring it to them at an exhorbitant rate. Tip: Keep all of your domain names in one place such as GoDaddy.com, or perhaps with your web host (if they're somewhat competitive). Having a bunch of domain names with different companies will cause confusion. Keeping all of your domain names with one company will make it clear as to which invoice is real and which is a scam.

Sometimes you need sound advice. Most web designers, and even large internet companies, are not the best at everything. As a webmaster, I have my own strengths and weaknesses, and areas where I have no knowledge whatsoever. But, I can help to find a reliable company or person to get the job done for you. I can tell whether you're just getting a good sales job, or quality work. If you're having a major project being pitched to you, I'd be glad to act as your consultant for as long as necessary. I could also find alternatives for you.


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