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I highly recommend HostGator for nearly all small to medium-sized web sites (less than 5,000 pages). They are absolutely the best hosting company for the money. For less than 8 dollars a month you can host an unlimited amount of web sites, and the control panel gives you access to all types of add-ons, unlimited space, databases and excellent support.

Marketing Your Business

There are many avenues to market your business. You can use print ads, a web site, an email newsletter, catalogs, brochures, flyers, postcards, radio, television, classified ads, blogs, twitter, facebook. They're increasing by the day, and many are disappearing as well. Print advertising used to be king for local advertising. Now, most newspapers and magazines are quickly losing ground to the internet.

Many of the most successful web sites sell unique products or services. If you don't maintain a database of potential and past clients, you'll need to start one. This is the key for almost every successful business that would also have use for a web site. And, it happens to be one of the things that web sites are good for.

If you'd like to explore some new marketing opportunities for your business, or spruce up some old ones, contact me, and we'll come up with some new ideas.


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