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Writing Press Releases

Anytime you or your business does something new, something of value for the community, awards, promotions, grants and other newsworthy items to the local or national community, you should have a press release.

It must be of interest to the readers of the publication you're sending it to. Likewise, it must not be a veiled attempt at free advertising. Submitting a press release to your local newspaper every week will not work well after 2 or 3. In fact, it could insure that you never get a press release in that publication again.

As long as your press release is of interest to readers of the publication, and this should be the highest focus, the more likely it will get published. Naturally, promotions, awards, new hires, new location, or anything of that nature should absolutely be sent to your most local publication first, and outward until it is no longer of interest to a distant community.

They're a necessity for a new product or service. I have extensive experience in writing press releases and getting them published. I also maintain a list of print publications and online sources that may be interested in a press release about you, your product, service, your business or company.


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